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Rust September Update Adds Brutal New Mode To Survival Game

Тема в разделе "Прокрастинация в целом", создана пользователем Ashley Zwiezen, 1 сен 2022.

  1. Ashley Zwiezen

    Ashley Zwiezen Прокрастинатор

    17 авг 2022
    Rust's September update brings some major changes with a new Hardcore mode, adds a brutal new mode to the survival game, and simplifies some of the crafting interface, as well as some subtle changes like changing the way you access the clan menu and some Model and texture improvements, including realistic campfires and large flash switches. Players can stock up on the Cheap Rust Instruments Pack in Rust's survival game.

    On top of that in Rust is hardcore mode, hardcore mode removes maps, Rust streamer ShadowFrax has access to updated live beta builds, and Facepunch is reportedly taking steps to make sure you can't access in-game maps through legal or sneaky ways at all . No maps means no market for drones, and no MLRS rockets, as both require maps to be used correctly, so if you rely on these a lot, expect some changes to your usual strategy.

    Rust's Hardcore mode also removes teams, restricts chat functionality, and removes safe areas. You can only take out five sleeping bags at a time, and your blueprints and map data are wiped every month. If this is not the experience you are looking for, fear not. Rust Hardcore Mode is completely separate from the main game and doesn't affect it at all.

    Elsewhere in the update, you can expect increased inputs and outputs for furnaces of various sizes, as well as some modest improvements to coal towers.

    If you're looking for more terrifying survival experiences, check out our blog, Okgameblog.com, for more survival game guides that will hopefully help you explore games in Rust.

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